What is Black Rosewood Bagpipe with Tartan Cover?

Black Rosewood Bagpipe

Black rosewood bagpipe with Tartan Cover features a Royal Stewart Tartan cover with turned nickeled ferrules and sole. This Scottish instrument uses a Rexine bag which is a soft synthetic material that does not require seasoning. The gently curving goose-neck design allows for greater airflow. All of this ’, ‘ makes these bagpipes much easier to play ’, ‘ and care for.

The bagpipe comes with 2 cane pipe chanter reeds 1 set of aluminum drone reeds with carbon fiber tongues and hemp. Our Scottish bagpipes are perfect for beginners and experienced players. Bagpipes can be used for any Medieval or Scottish occasion Renaissance Fairs and Weddings and by performing musicians.

Bagpipes are a kind of musical instrument that use a reed in addition to provide air by the player to create a pleasant different and melodious music sound. Bagpipes have been around for thousands of years and someone was saying that start of the instrument back to the snake charming pipes of the Middle East. Bagpipes are also called aerophone (using air to produce sound) and a reedpipe that is very difficult to harmonize with other instruments bagpipes are often played in groups or bands that is made up entirely of pipes or pipes and drums. Best Bagpipes for sale available at kilt Master

Key Features

Features Royal Stewart Tartan cover with Rexine bag
Includes 2 cane pipe chanter reeds 1 set of aluminum drone reeds and hemp
Has turned nickeled ferrules and sole
A great full-size bagpipe for instrumentalists and collectors


Length: 7 Inches
Height: 24 Inches
Width: 8 Inches

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