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Rosewood is the preferred choice of many top traditional Irish flute players; these flutes produce a strong, rich tone with plenty of volumes.

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Flute Wooden is also available in a variety of types. The sound of a Flute Wooden, also known as a Native American flute, is similar to that of a metal flute, but it is sharper, cleaner, and more focused.

In comparison, the sound of a flute wooden is mellower, earthier, and a little quieter. The key reason is that it has a wooden head joint rather than a metal one.

Wooden flutes come in at least four types:

  1. Directly-Blown flute
  2. Side-Blown flute
  3. End-Blown flute
  4. Rim-Blown flute

The Wooden Flutes is totally handmade and made by professional craftsmen. The flute belongs from the family of musical instruments.

Brief history:

The oldest flutes were found in Europe and Asia. A wide variety of flutes have a relationship to approximately 43,000 to 35,000 years in the past and were determined inside the Swabian Jura area of present-day Germany. These flutes reveal that an advanced musical culture existed from the earliest lengths of present-day human presence in Europe.