Our Bagpipe Chanter practice is a double-reed woodwind musical instrument. Our practice chanter for beginners bit longer in length (two pieces) and made of wood or some synthetic material with a small-diameter hole bored lengthwise through the center, where two pieces are connected and a reed is placed in it. Air is directed to the center of the Bagpipe Chanter practice from the mouthpiece where it passes through the reed and produces vibration and as a result, the sound is produced. At the lower end of the chanter, there are finger holes in it, by opening and closing of holes pitch of the sound is changed. As its name indicates it is used for practicing fingers for different melody notes of bagpipe and to practice the melody of new song notes.

Specifications of Practice Chanter For Sale

Material Synthetic Manufacture Handmade Crafted
Finish Black Imitation Ivory Ferrule & Sole
Type Music Instrument Cane Reeds 2 Sets
Category Woodwind Instrument Size Standard
Holes Countersunk Style Scottish
Mounts Synthetic Packing Wooden case



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