Practice Chanter is an essential tool for any piper. Made from durable rosewood, it is built to last and is easy to maintain.

Featuring a “Long” length and hole spacing matching that of the pipe chanter, as well as an imitation ivory ferrule and sole. It provides the perfect platform for honing your skills.

Its Standard Size is smaller than the full-size pipe chanter and the finger holes on the standard practice chanter are spaced slightly closer together, making it ideal for those with smaller hands.

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned pro, the Practice Chanter is the perfect way to perfect your craft.

Material Rosewood Manufacture Handmade Crafted
Finish Natural Grain Polish Imitation Ivory Ferrule & Sole
Type Music Instrument Cane Reeds 2 Sets
Category Woodwind Instrument Size Standard
Holes Countersunk Style Scottish best chanter
Mounts Plastic Packing Wooden case



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