The Bombard Chanter is a double-reed instrument that’s used in Celtic music. It’s similar to a soprano shawm, but slightly shorter in length and in the key of A.

These are typically played for dances, like jigs and reels, and have a very distinct sound.

Shamelessly traditional, it is the newest thing in wind band music. Traditional, yet modern – the Bombard with its beautiful sound and ease of playing is a new favorite in high schools and marching bands.

Its small size makes it perfect for teaching music in small spaces or as an accent instrument. Bombard Chanter is easy to use and doesn’t take up much space!

Material Rosewood Key Brass Nickle Plated
Finish Natural Grain Polish Imitation Ivory Ferrule & Sole
Type Music Instrument Cane Reeds 2 Sets
Category Woodwind Instrument Size Standard
Bell 3 Inch Diameter Style French Bombard Chanter
Mounts Plastic Packing Wooden case

Bombard chanters were first used by military bands and municipal pipers in Europe throughout the Middle Ages. Additionally, these chanters were increasingly sophisticated throughout the Renaissance period and were employed by court musicians. Moreover, It fell out of favor in the 18th century but gained popularity again in the 19th and 20th centuries. Also,these are still utilized in many settings today.


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