Bombarde – Bombarde Instrument – Bombard Chanter

Introducing the bombarde: a unique and captivating folk instrument from Brittany and Cornwall.

It is the perfect choice for anyone looking for an oboe-like experience with a bit more of a twist. This versatile instrument can be played in a variety of styles, making it perfect for any occasion.

Add some, French flair to your next recital or performance with the mesmerizing sound of the bombard!

Bombarde Instrument is the perfect addition to any musician’s arsenal!

The key A of Bombard Chanter gives it a high and penetrating tone, perfect for Celtic music or any other genre that calls for a unique sound.

Bombard Chanter is also shorter in length than most soprano recorders, making it easy to transport and take with you wherever you go.

Specifications of Bombard Chanter
Material Rosewood Key Brass Nickle Plated
Finish Natural Grain Polish Imitation Ivory Ferrule & Sole
Type Music Instrument Cane Reeds 2 Sets
Category Woodwind Instrument Size Standard
Bell 3 Inch Diameter Style French bombarde
Mounts Plastic Packing Wooden case


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