Interested in Professional Great Highland Bagpipe?

Our Great Highland Bagpipe is for professional bagpipers, perfectly!

They come with all the necessary parts, including a chanter, blowpipe, and drones. Moreover, they’re made with beautiful ebony and silver mounts that will give your set a truly professional look.

Our Great Highland Bagpipes are totally handmade and come in Rosewood. We also have a sleek black finish to give it that unique look. It also comes with an attractive black velvet outer cover that will match your fashion, perfectly!

With our Great Highland Bagpipes, you can start playing right away.  You’ll also get an original chanter that is easy to tune, so you can start practicing your tunes as soon as you receive them.

Our Great Highland Bagpipes are manufactured by us in our factory with great care, to the highest standards of workmanship. You can be sure that you’re getting high-quality Highland Pipes when you buy from us.

Purchase our Highland bagpipes today on our website!

Specifications of Great Highland Pipes
Material Genuine Rosewood Cords The golden color in silk
Finish Black Mouthpiece Plastic
Type Music Instrument Ring Caps, Ferrules Engraved brass golden finish
Category Woodwind Musical Instrument Size Standard
Bagpipe Cover Black velvet ornate golden fringes Style Scottish Highland
Projecting Mounts Engraved brass golden finish Packing Fabric Bag

What’s free along with Great Highland Bagpipe?

Practice Chanter: Premium quality practice chanter will be provided along with Great Highland Bagpipes
Tutor Book: Comprehensive tutor book will be provided for learning lessons
Bag: Also, A fabric Bag for your valuable Great Highland Bagpipes
Synthetic Drone Reeds: Furthermore, 1 Set of synthetic drone reeds will be provided
Can Chanter Reeds: Additionally, 2 Sets of can chanter reeds will be provided
Drone Top Rubber Corks: 3 Pieces Set

It will be good to know that it contains a comprehensive tutor book along with a Highland Pipes. It will be helpful if you are practicing and taking lessons at your home and the best thing is it is just one click away from you.


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