The Irish wooden flute is a finely crafted piece of musical history.

This magnificent instrument, made from carefully chosen hard rosewood, is a genuine work of art.

Beautifully tuned and ready to play, the Irish wooden flute is a three-piece design that can be adjusted to fit the demands of every player.

The top head has a tuning slide so you can make sure every note you play is melodic.

At 26 inches in length, the flute disassembles swiftly and stores easily in the accompanying hardwood case – perfect for musicians on the go!

Specifications of Wooden Flutes

Material Rosewood Bore Traditional Conical Bore
Finish Natural Grain Polish Color Brown
Type Music Instrument Length 67cm / 26.4in
Category Woodwind Instrument Manufacture Handmade
Adjustable Parts 3 Parts Style Irish
Joints Copper Packing Wooden Case



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