15-String Irish Celtic Lyre Harp for beginner

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15-String Irish Celtic Lyre Harp. With its portable design, this instrument is easy to carry and perfect for beginners. and features nylon strings for a smooth and effortless playing experience. Perfect for beginners delving into the world of harp music.

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5 reviews for 15-String Irish Celtic Lyre Harp for beginner

  1. Austin

    The inclusion of a tuning key and a padded carrying case makes it even more beginner-friendly.

  2. Terry

    It’s a fantastic instrument for those looking to explore the mesmerizing world of Celtic music.

  3. Roger

    I am amazed by the quality and affordability of the 15-String Irish Celtic Lyre Harp for beginners.

  4. Keith

    The craftsmanship is excellent, and the sound is both rich and soothing.

  5. Christian

    It’s a beautiful instrument that exceeded my expectations, and I’m enjoying every moment of playing it.

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