• Strings: Harps typically have anywhere from 22 to 47 strings, although some larger harps may have even more. The strings can be made from gut, nylon, or metal, and each string produces a different pitch when plucked.
  • Frame: The frame of a harp can be made from wood, metal, or even carbon fiber. The shape of the frame can vary depending on the type of harp, but it is typically triangular or arched.
  • Soundboard: The soundboard is the flat surface of the harp that vibrates to amplify the sound of the strings. It is usually made from wood, such as spruce or cedar.
  • Tuning mechanism: The tuning mechanism allows the player to adjust the pitch of the strings. On lever harps, this is done using levers; on other types of harps, it is done using tuning keys.

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