Pastoral Pipes-Velvet black

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Pastoral pipes are a challenging instrument to play, but they are rewarding for experienced pipers who enjoy the unique sound and historical significance of this instrument.
They are not as commonly played as other types of bagpipes, but there is a growing interest in their revival.

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The Pastoral Pipes are a type of woodwind instrument traditionally associated with pastoral music.

  • Material: They could be made from different types of wood like rosewood or walnut, and the black velvet might cover the entire instrument or just specific parts.
  • Key: Available in different keys like D or Bb, catering to various musical styles and player preferences.
  • Number of drones: Some models might have single drones while others might have double for a fuller sound.
  • Additional features: Some might have imitation ivory mounts, nickel ferrules, or come with a bag, chanter, and reeds included.

Pastoral Pipes apart is their black velvet adornment, giving them a unique and visually striking appearance. Additionally, depending on the specific model


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