Blowpipe-Boha Bagpipe

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The Bag: This is made of sheepskin and it acts as a reservoir for air. The piper fills the bag with air by blowing into a blowpipe, or using bellows.
The blowpipe: This is a small pipe that the piper uses to blow air into the bag. The blowpipe in the image is made of blackwood.

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Forget the booming drone of the conventional bagpipe – there may be a new melody on the town, whispering tales of sun-soaking wet vineyards and ancient Gascon traditions. Enter the Boha Blowpipe, a charming cousin to the Highland pipes, designed to infuse your tune with richer tones, wider range, and single-reed magic.

  • Each Boha blowpipe is a masterpiece of artisanal skill. Imagine holding a work of art in your hands, meticulously carved from premium woods like African blackwood. Adorned with Celtic knotwork or vibrant Gascon floral patterns, these instruments are as elegant to behold as they are enchanting to play.
  • For Scottish pipers seeking new horizons, the Boha beckons. It’s a chance to push boundaries, explore uncharted sonic landscapes, and connect with a vibrant cultural heritage.



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