Boha Bagpipe Bag- Single Reed Chanter

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The instrument is in G key, so it can be played with most traditional musicians.

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The Boha bagpipe bag is more than just an air reservoir – it’s the beating heart of a captivating instrument steeped in history and tradition. The Boha offers a unique sonic experience that sets it apart from its Scottish Highland cousin.

  • Crafted with care: Made from high-quality goatskin, the bag has renowned for its durability and responsiveness. The natural material allows the air to resonate beautifully.
  • Single-reed magic: Unlike the Highland pipes’ dual-reeded drones. The Boha utilizes a single reed in both the chanter and drone. This results in a softer, subtler tone that’s both expressive and intimate.
  • Owning a Boha bagpipe bag is more than just acquiring an instrument – it’s an invitation to a world of musical exploration and cultural immersion.


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