Boha Bagpipe- scotland

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The instrument is in G key, so it can be played with most traditional musicians.

Experience a unique sound journey beyond the familiar strains of the Great Highland pipes. The Boha, a captivating cousin hailing from southwestern France, offers a deeper, richer tonal palette with subtle Eastern European influences.

  • Distinctive design: Unlike the Highland Boha Bagpipe rounded drones, the Boha features a rectangular chanter and drone bored into a single block of wood, resonating with warmth and complexity.
  • Single reed magic: Both chanter and drone utilize single reeds, creating a mellower, breathy sound compared to the Highland pipes’ dual-reeded drone.
  • Melodies with depth: The Boha’s chanter boasts a wider range than the Highland pipes, allowing for exploration of intricate ornamentation and nuanced expression.
  • Own a piece of history: Each Boha Bagpipe, meticulously crafted by skilled artisans, becomes a treasured heirloom, connecting you to the rich tapestry of European bagpipe traditions.


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